Four New SEARCH Issue Briefs Provide Public Safety Technology, Project Management Guidance

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Four new Issue Briefs are now available that provide public safety practitioners with timely information, advice, and guidance on a range of technology and project management topics.

SEARCH prepared all four Issue Briefs under funding from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), U.S. Department of Justice. The entire Issue Brief series includes 12 reports that cover such topics as 9-1-1 center survivability, communications in the ICS, and interoperable communications training, exercises, and standard operating procedures.

"This series addresses best practices and key topical issues related to public safety communications interoperability," said Ms. Mallorie Teubner, SEARCH Information Sharing Programs Director. "The newest Issue Briefs are particularly useful because they provide information on free tools for project management and social media marketing, as well as a look at new IT standards and approaches."

These latest Issue Briefs were published in July and August 2012.

Issue Brief #9-An Introduction to Long Term Evolution (LTE)
Long Term Evolution (LTE), commonly referred to as 4G—or next generation wireless communications—is the new standard for public safety broadband. This Issue Brief discusses the advantages and limitations of LTE technologies for public safety. It is authored by Ms. Teubner and former SEARCH staff Robert Nibarger.
Issue Brief #10-Improving Life Cycle Management Through IT Service Management
This Issue Brief looks at both the traditional and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) approaches to life cycle management, and highlights why it is important to engage in a continual improvement process. It reveals how managing public safety services using elements of ITSM can increase service quality, reliability, and operational efficiency, resulting in cost savings. It is authored by Public Safety Technology Specialist Bonnie B. Maney.
Issue Brief #11-Free Project Management Tools
As budgets diminish, public safety project managers must find new ways to manage projects with fewer resources. Free project management tools can support capital and noncapital public safety projects. This Issue Brief provides an overview of free project management tools, summarizing how they can be used to support public safety projects. It is authored by former SEARCH Staff Benjamin Krauss, PMP.
Issue Brief # 12-Using Social Media to Market and Promote Public Safety Projects
This Issue Brief provides a brief overview of several free social media tools and summarizes how they can be used to market and promote public safety projects. Social media can support public safety project communication with a wide range of stakeholders, including public safety first responders, governmental representatives at all levels, and the public at large. It is authored by former SEARCH Staff Benjamin Krauss, PMP.