SEARCH Launches Podcast #7: Justice Reference Architecture Service Specifications

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SEARCH recently launched the seventh installment in its Information Sharing podcast series. The latest podcast addresses Justice Reference Architecture (JRA) Service Specifications, and provides listeners an overview of the specification, which will help ease the adoption of the Global JRA.

The podcast participants are:
The Global JRA is an information exchange solution, based on a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), designed to cut 80 percent of implementation time and costs for state and local justice agencies through adoption of established promising practices in SOA architecture and design.

Efforts to develop an information sharing solution specific to the justice domain began in the Global Infrastructure/Standards Working Group (GISWG). Specifically, the GISWG Services Task Team (STT) has addressed service design and implementation using the JRA Service Specification. Today, the STT serves two functions: 1) creating new Reference Service Specifications to provide the opportunity for use in the field, and 2) reviewing JRA implementations.

"A key component of the JRA is the Service Specification, which affords organizations and agencies within the justice and public safety communities with implementable specifications designed to promote reuse and reduce the cost and effort associated with service deployment," notes Mr. Jim Douglas, Justice Information Systems Specialist for SEARCH, who also serves as a member of GISWG.

In 2009, GISWG established the SST to develop reference Service Specifications and to assist justice practitioners in the Service Specification development process, Mr. Douglas added. The development and publication of operationally-relevant reference Service Specifications will advance and speed adoption of the Global JRA.

The 29-minute podcast addresses the following JRA and Service Specifications topics:
  • Overview of Service Specifications and the JRA
  • The Service Specification Package (SSP)
  • Structure and Artifacts of the SSP
  • Service Specifications and National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Information Exchange Package Documentations (IEPDs)—what is the relationship?
  • The Service Specification Guideline (SSG)
  • Examples of Reference SSPs
  • Development of Service Specifications
  • Benefits of developing and using SSPs
  • SSPs, NIEM, the JRA and Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM) initiative
  • STT's development of more reference SSPs, and the JRA Service Registry development effort

For more information on the JRA or Service Specifications, contact Mr. Douglas at