SEARCH Staff to Present at 2011 NIEM National Training Event

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Jim Douglas
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Andrew Owen
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Yogesh Chawla
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SEARCH Systems and Technology Program staff are featured presenters at the 2011 NIEM National Training Event (NTE), scheduled for August 23-25 in Philadelphia.

Presenting will be Justice Information Systems Specialists Jim Douglas and Andrew Owen, and Information Sharing Architecture Specialist Yogesh Chawla.

The event brings together information technology professionals across industry and government to learn more about the National Information Exchange Model—known as NIEM—and its advantages, gain valuable tools and training, and to share implementation experiences and accomplishments. (See sidebar for background on NIEM, including sponsoring agencies.)

"The goal of this event is to inform the NIEM community of the latest happenings in NIEM. This includes discussion of NIEM implementations, as well as newly available NIEM tools and other NIEM success stories," said Mr. Owen. "The SEARCH constituency will benefit by learning about best practices, lessons learned, and tools to more effectively and efficiently implement NIEM in their environments."

The 2011 NTE is the second such event held for the NIEM community. In 2009, nearly 700 IT professionals attended the inaugural NIEM NTE, representing 21 federal agencies, 32 states, and more than 100 private industry organizations.

According to the NTE website, "With the recent onboarding of Health and Human Services (HHS) as a primary sponsor of the NIEM program as well as Cyber, Biometrics, and other potential domains forming, we anticipate a surge in the number of attendees for this year's event, offering you outstanding networking opportunities."

SEARCH staff will present on the following topics on Wednesday, August 24:
  • Interoperable Solutions: NIEM IEPDs and Global Justice Reference Architecture Service Specifications

    This session presents an overview of the Global Reference Architecture (GRA) with an in-depth discussion on guidelines for developing service specifications. To prepare attendees for the upcoming release of the GRA Service Specification Package (GRA-SSP) and the GRA Service Specification Guideline (GRA-SSG), this session concentrates on the role of service specifications in creating interoperable information sharing solutions.

    The presenters, Mr. Douglas and Ms. Iveta Topalova, Architect for Microsoft Corp., will cover the artifacts included in a service specification and will present a practical approach to creating those artifacts and the specification itself. The session will address how existing NIEM Information Exchange Package Documentations (IEPDs) can be leveraged and how the NIEM IEPD development lifecycle can be incorporated into the process of developing service specifications. They also will review in detail an actual service specification example which addresses a justice and public safety business problem, and will discuss tools to automate the development process.

  • From UML to IEPDs: A look at the New JIEM® Tool

    In this presentation, Mr. Owen and Mr. Douglas will introduce the new features and functionality of the latest version of the Justice Information Exchange Modeling (JIEM) Tool—JIEM 5.0. The new JIEM tool runs on the Eclipse platform and leverages freely available Eclipse plug-ins such as UML2Tools. They will show how JIEM supports the NIEM IEPD lifecycle and will demonstrate how to use JIEM to create a NIEM-conformant IEPD and a GRA-SSP.

    The presenters will summarize the concept of a GRA-SSP and will include a live demonstration of how a GRA SSP created in JIEM can support the exchange of information using open source tools such as Apache CXF, Apache ServiceMix, and Apache Camel.

  • N-DEx in Action: Tips, Tools, and State and Local Success

    In this presentation, Mr. Chawla will help the audience learn how to use N-DEx—the FBI's National Law Enforcement Data Exchange system—in different capacities, including using open source Java tools and the JaxB and Apache CXF Web services framework. Co-presenting with Mr. Chawla is Mr. Rehan Chawdry, Integrated Justice Practice Leader for Sypherlink.

    They also will cover how to submit the N-DEx IEPD to the FBI using the lightweight open source integration framework, Apache Camel. The session will feature case studies from state and local government, including Dallas and its Dallas County Data Exchange (DC-DEx).

The 2011 NIEM NTE focuses on tools that make IT more agile and cost-efficient. Tracks include:
  • NIEM Adoption: These business- and community-oriented sessions are geared to educate a broad audience.
  • Tools, Tools, Tools: These sessions provide a technical "deep dive" into some of the tools and techniques available to developers.
  • NIEM in Action: This track is geared toward developers, implementers, enterprise architects, data management professionals, and other "techies," and offers lessons about peer experiences with NIEM.

The event also features four keynote speakers, NIEM "lightning rounds," a NASCIO state and local panel, and a Best of NIEM 2011 competition.