SEARCH Staff Appointed to Co-Chair NIEM Technical Architecture Committee

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Andrew Owen
Mr. Andrew Owen, a Justice Information Systems Specialist with SEARCH, was appointed to co-chair the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Technical Architecture Committee (NTAC).

The appointment, made by the NIEM Program Management Office (NIEM PMO) on February 2, is to serve a two-year term as the committee's co-chair representing state, local, and tribal organizations. Mr. Owen has served as a member on NTAC for more than two years. Each NIEM committee has two co-chairs, generally one representing state and local and one representing federal government. Mr. Owen joins the Federal Government co-chair.

According to the invitation letter from Ms. Donna Roy, NIEM Executive Director, Mr. Owen was selected due to his past contributions to the NIEM community. "I look forward to working with Mr. Owen as the State and Local Co-Chair of NTAC and to his continued excellence in support of the program," she stated.

Mr. Owen's experience with NIEM includes domain modeling, mapping, and schema creation. He has supported a number of NIEM efforts, including his current ongoing effort to create information exchange package documents (IEPDs) for a state courts administrative office, which will enable it to share information between the new the statewide court case management system and justice partners.

The NIEM Technical Architecture Committee reports to the NIEM PMO, and helps govern NIEM by ensuring the program is driven by the day-to-day needs of participating organizations to share information across organizational, system, and geographic boundaries. Specifically, NTAC helps define and govern the technical and structural architecture associated with NIEM development and implementation.

"We are very pleased and honored by Andrew's appointment to this key role in the NIEM community," said SEARCH Deputy Executive Director Scott Came. "SEARCH has been a strong supporter and advocate of NIEM from the beginning, and we look forward to Andrew's continued contributions as co-chair of NTAC."

Mr. Owen, a SEARCH employee for five years, works on several projects focused on the development of integrated justice information systems planning and implementation, including NIEM, the Justice Information Exchange Model (JIEM), and the Justice Reference Architecture (JRA). He provides training, technical assistance, and research to state, local, tribal, and Federal jurisdictions nationwide. His expertise includes planning and implementation of information sharing solutions, development of information sharing standards, and technical architecture development. Mr Owen was identified as a NIEM All-Star in 2010 for his dedication in support of the development of the new NIEM training curriculum that is being rolled out this year.

Mr. Owen also has provided support to the U.S. Department of Justice's Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative. He participated on the Global Tech team and its XML Structure Task Force (XSTF), and served as a trainer for the GJXDM Training and Technical Assistance Committee (GTTAC). In this role, he provided training to local and state justice agencies, such as the Chicago Police Department, Pennsylvania State Police, and New York State DCJS, and initiatives such as the National Capital Region Emergency Response.

Mr. Owen has a bachelor's degree in Applied Networking and Systems Administration from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), New York.