Repository Services Survey Results Posted Online

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Given the harsh fiscal realities currently affecting most States, a representative from the SEARCH Membership Group recently requested information concerning the level of services that are being offered by state criminal history record repositories. Facing the possibility of budget cuts and staff reductions, it was hoped the information gathered from this survey would help determine which services could possibly be discontinued, if necessary.

A survey questionnaire was developed by SEARCH Law and Policy Program staff, who conducted the survey in April 2010. The questions were designed to gather information about the extent of services routinely provided by state repositories.

The survey addressed the following areas:
  • Criminal history record reviews, challenges and corrections
  • Criminal record identity theft processing
  • Repository training
  • Audits
  • Walk-in services

"With 31 states responding, we thank our Members for participating in the survey," said Mr. Owen Greenspan, SEARCH Director of Law and Policy. "Many Members provided very thorough responses that will be helpful to other states as they all grapple with this issue of reduced resources."

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