SEARCH Members Offer Insight Into Proposed FBI Rap Back Service

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SEARCH Members have once again weighed in on an issue that could potentially have far-reaching implications for State criminal history record repositories. At the request of a SEARCH Member, the Membership Group was recently surveyed on the proposed FBI rap back service.

This service, for a yet-to-be-determined fee, will create a mechanism whereby the FBI will retain civil prints and notify a contributing agency when an enrolled applicant fingerprint is matched against a subsequent arrest fingerprint. Much of the operational details remain to be worked out as planning for this new service moves forward.

The survey captured information about the current practices in place at the repositories, as well as possible issues associated with the proposed FBI rap back system.

"Once again, we'd like to thank our Members for participating in yet another survey," said Mr. Owen Greenspan, SEARCH Director of Law and Policy. "We received responses from 30 states and this will help to inform further discussions on the proposed FBI rap back service."

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