New Adjunct Instructor Supports SEARCH Training Team

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SEARCH is pleased to announce that Mr. Kevin Conde is assisting our High-Tech Crime Training Services team as an Adjunct Instructor, providing critical training on high-tech crime investigations and forensics to local, state, and federal justice agencies.

Mr. Conde is presently a full-time Detective with the Marysville (California) Police Department (MPD) and serves as its designated representative on the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force.

Mr. Conde has significant and long-term experience in both law enforcement and information technology. He began working in IT in 1982, following 11 years in the U.S. Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist. During his military career, he served as a patrol officer, watch commander, detective, training NCO, and traffic accident investigator, and received SWAT training.

Mr. Conde worked as Chief Information Officer for the Marysville Joint Unified School District, then as Director of the Information Technology Department of the Sutter County (California) Superintendent of Schools Office.

"Kevin has designed, installed, and maintained large and small networks and has received factory training by Cisco, 3COM, Citrix, and Microsoft. He is highly experienced with all aspects of designing and running networks," noted Mr. Rich Harris, Director of SEARCH High-Tech Crime Training Services.

Mr. Conde returned to law enforcement after completing the Yuba College Police Academy and being hired as a Level 1 reserve by the MPD in 2001. He worked as a Patrol Officer with the department for 6 years, with additional duties as a background investigator and range master. He was hired as a full-time Detective in 2009.

The MPD joined the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force in 2009. As a member of this Task Force, Mr. Conde supports the MPD, the Yuba City Police Department, the Sheriff's Offices of Yuba and Sutter Counties, the District Attorney's Offices of Yuba and Sutter Counties, the Yuba-Sutter Narcotic Enforcement Team, and the Yuba-Sutter Office-California Highway Patrol.

Although responsible for investigating all types of crimes, Mr. Conde specializes in high-technology investigations. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland, and a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Phoenix.