Longtime SEARCH Member Collins Retires from SEARCH Membership; Honored as Member Emeritus

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SEARCH Chair Francis X. Aumand III (left) presented Dr. Collins with a Proclamation of Member Emeritus.
SEARCH is pleased to announce that longtime At-Large Member Dr. Hugh M. Collins has been awarded Member Emeritus status. The honor, which was made official by the Board of Directors on February 10, 2010, was announced February 23 at a Membership Group reception in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dr. Collins retired from the Membership Group in November 2009, after serving nearly 20 years as an At-Large Member and a combined 10 years as a State Member from Louisiana.

"The Board is very excited and eager to bestow this title upon Hugh," said SEARCH Chair Francis X. Aumand III. "Hugh has so much institutional knowledge about SEARCH and that, combined with his extensive experience in court administration, makes him a valuable asset to SEARCH. He is a revered and respected Member of this organization and we're pleased that this relationship and friendship will continue."

Dr. Collins served as the State Member from Louisiana from January 1977 to May 1982, and from October 1984 to May 1989. He then served as an appointed At-Large Member from January 1991 to November 2009.

During his long tenure at SEARCH, he served on the Board of Directors and participated on numerous committees and task forces, including the Law and Policy Program Advisory Committee, the National Task Force on Federal Legislation Affecting State Criminal Justice Information, the National Task Force on Disposition Reporting, the National Task Force on the Role of the Private Sector in the Use and Management of Justice Information, and the Finance Committee.

He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Judiciary Commission of Louisiana.

Dr. Collins joins two other former SEARCH Members in the esteemed position of Member Emeritus:
  • Charles M. Friel, Ph.D., retired Professor from the College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University
  • Professor George B. Trubow, retired Director of the Center for Information Technology and Privacy Law at The John Marshall Law School.