SEARCH Staff Offers Specialized Training at PSC/ICAC National Conference

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New SEARCH Publication Released at Conference
As a bonus for conference attendees, SEARCH released its newest publication, Creating a Wireless Network Investigation Toolkit: Basic Hardware and Software Specifications, which was prepared by SEARCH Staff Mr. Armstrong and Ms. Wagner.

Attendees were also provided with other high-tech crime guides written by SEARCH staff, including How to Effectively SEARCH A Guide for Investigators, Methods for Capturing Volatile Data, Creating a Cellular Device Investigation Toolkit: Basic Hardware and Software Specifications and worksheet packet, The SEARCH Investigative Toolbar and Other Mozilla Firefox Investigative Extensions. These guides are also available to investigators on our High-Tech Publications page.
SEARCH High-Tech Crime Training Services staff is providing specialized investigative training at the Project Safe Childhood (PSC) and Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) National Conference on September 23-26, 2008, in Columbus, Ohio.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, the conference offers workshops and lectures to assist federal, state and local law enforcement investigators, forensic experts and prosecutors with the latest knowledge and tools necessary to combat the online exploitation of children.

At the PSC/ICAC National Conference, SEARCH Computer Crime Training Specialists Keith Daniels, Lauren Wagner and Christopher Armstrong are teaching 12 three-hour lab sessions on five topic areas, including:

  • investigative tools for wireless networks
  • Knoppix as a previewing tool
  • how to capture volatile data from running computers
  • cellular device data recovery, and
  • using Google, Firefox and MySpace for investigations.

"Keeping current with the latest technologies is challenging to investigators in this battle to keep our children safe from online predators," said Rich Harris, Director of High-Tech Crime Training Services for SEARCH. "SEARCH is pleased to be invited to be part of the PSC and ICAC conference."

SEARCH offers a range of high-tech crime investigative training courses, provided to agencies and investigators at all levels nationwide. SEARCH recognizes that highly trained investigators are key to combating Internet crimes against children, but they require extensive technical skill sets to properly conduct their investigations. Through its training program and by providing specialized training at such events as the PSC/ICAC conference, SEARCH helps protect children by training investigators to track, identify, and investigate those who seek to solicit and exploit children in online environments.