SEARCH Takes Advanced Responders Course to Florida

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SEARCH Computer Crime Training Specialists presented the Advanced Responders: Search and Seizure of Networks course to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in Jacksonville, Florida, October 14-17.

This new SEARCH course expands law enforcement investigators' ability to collect digital evidence at crime scenes. Traditional digital evidence collection methods frequently result in evidence being left at the crime scene or potential evidence being inadvertently deleted from computers entirely. In this three-day, hands-on course, investigators learn the skills and techniques to:

  • Conduct pre-raid electronic surveillance of a target location to help identify wireless networks and access points
  • Locate these networks and access points once the scene is secured.

Course material also covers how to recover volatile evidence and information about wirelessly attached devices to a computer, along with other critical tools and techniques.

Investigators from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement; Child Predator Cyber Crime Unit, Florida Office of the Attorney General; Special Investigations Division, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office; and the Federal Bureau of Investigation attended the course.

"Whether the class is being taught in the SEARCH training center in Sacramento or onsite in other states, attendees (investigators) face realistic scenarios that are set up in several locations throughout the area to simulate a crime scene," said SEARCH Director of Training Services, Rich Harris. "Investigators must identify and collect digital evidence as part of the course final exam after three days of intense classroom sessions, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement attendees were a great group."

One of the primary missions of SEARCH is to provide cutting-edge High Technology Crime Investigation training to law enforcement officers and other investigators nationwide. Check the SEARCH Web site for more details:

SEARCH Computer Crime Training Specialist Chris Armstrong oversees investigators as they use a variety of high-tech tools to look for hidden wireless devices.