SEARCH Board of Directors Elections Held Recently

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The SEARCH Board of Directors roster changed slightly following a Board election held July 25, 2008, in Cleveland, Ohio.

The election was held in conjunction with the SEARCH Annual Membership Group Meeting July 22-25. The 15-Member SEARCH Board of Directors, elected by the full Membership Group, provides general oversight to the organization, and translates corporate goals and objectives into program directives and operating policies. Elections are held every year, with directors serving two-year terms.

The election results are as follows:

Retained by unanimous affirmation of the Membership were Board Chairman Francis X. Aumand III, Vermont Department of Public Safety, and Vice Chairman Capt. Thomas W. Turner, Virginia State Police.

Mr. Aumand

Capt. Turner

Elected to a new two-year term on the Board was Ms. Diane Sherman, Michigan State Police. Ms. Sherman previously served on the Board as a State representative and returns following a one-year break.

Ms. Sherman

Re-elected to new two-year terms on the Board were the following At-Large Members: Dr. Alfred Blumstein, Carnegie-Mellon University; and Dr. Janet L. Mullings, Sam Houston State University.

Dr. Blumstein

Dr. Mullings

Re-elected to new two-year terms on the Board were the following State Members: Lt. Col. Brad Bates, Kentucky State Police; Mr. Daniel M. Foro, New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services; Mr. Mike Lesko, Texas Department of Public Safety; and Mr. Brad Truitt, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Lt. Col. Bates

Mr. Foro

Mr. Lesko

Mr. Truitt

The following Board Members were not up for reelection and are continuing to serve the remainder of their terms:

  • Dr. Hugh M. Collins (At-Large), Supreme Court of Louisiana
  • Mr. Jeffrey Kellett, New Hampshire State Police
  • Capt. Philip K. O'Neill, Nevada Department of Public Safety
  • Mr. Theron A. Schnure, Connecticut Office of Policy and Management
  • Mr. David Steingraber, Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance
  • Mr. Robert Wessels (At-Large), Harris County (Texas) Office of Court Management

"Over the past few years the Board has made a tremendous commitment to following a single methodology for governing SEARCH. With these election results, I am confident the Board will continue its strong leadership and move toward finalizing this transition. On behalf of all SEARCH staff, I welcome our new and returning Board Members, and look forward to their leadership," said Mr. Ronald P. Hawley, SEARCH Executive Director.

SEARCH is governed by a Membership Group comprised of one gubernatorial appointee from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as eight at-large appointees selected by SEARCH's Chair. Members are primarily state-level justice officials responsible for operational decisions and policymaking concerning the management of criminal justice information, particularly criminal history information. The 15-Member Board of Directors provide general oversight and translate corporate goals and objectives into program directives and operating policies.

Congratulations to all new and returning Board members!