New JIEM® Tool Release Slated for Fall


In the past six months, SEARCH's Systems and Technology Program team has been working on a new release of the Justice Information Exchange Modeling (JIEM®) tool. JIEM® is supported by funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), U.S. Department of Justice.

This new release provides many new features recommended by the JIEM® Steering Committee. The Committee consists of more than 20 practitioners who have used JIEM® extensively in their work and wish to contribute their ideas and experience to the future development of the JIEM® methodology and tool. These features include the ability to run the tool locally on the user's workstation (without being connected to the Internet) and easier sharing of exchange models with other users.

In addition, it is clear that a significant area of growth in JIEM® usage will involve integration with other tools in the exchange modeling and specification lifecycle. With the new release, the JIEM® tool will be based on the Eclipse tools platform (, which is a proven, open, industry-standard set of capabilities designed to reduce the cost and improve the usability of tools like JIEM®.

"We expect the tool to be available to users this fall," said SEARCH Director of Systems and Technology Scott M. Came. "The release process will be accomplished in stages and the best way to keep informed of the status is to check the SEARCH website for updates at"

The Justice Information Exchange Model was developed by BJA and SEARCH to help jurisdictions across the country document their business information sharing requirements.