Fingerprint Technician Survey Results Posted Online


SEARCH recently completed a national survey of fingerprint technician salaries and job descriptions and the results are posted on our website at

This formal survey was suggested by attendees of the Criminal History Operations Workshop, held in Miami Beach, Florida, on November 15-16, 2006. Information collected includes job descriptions and duties, salary ranges, and advancement/employment levels. The reported starting salary for entry-level fingerprint technicians ranged from $15, 313-$17,754 (Montana and Oklahoma) to $33,587-$34,000 (Arizona and Rhode Island).

"With 23 states responding, the data is presented on 88 job classification levels from 25 law enforcement jurisdictions," said SEARCH Director of Law and Policy Owen Greenspan. "We thank our workshop attendees for the survey inspiration and hope that the survey results will be useful in future personnel decisions."

BJS and SEARCH sponsor this workshop series that brings state criminal record repositories and their federal partners together to discuss common challenges and to share solutions they've devised in response. Representatives from 36 states, the FBI, BJS, and SEARCH were among the 69 people who attended the day-and-a-half workshop. Its agenda reflected the complicated course that criminal record database managers must navigate to perform their jobs effectively.

The November 2006 workshop was the seventh in the BJS/SEARCH workshop series, which began in 2000, and the third to focus on general criminal history repository operations. Other workshops have focused on sex offender registries, protection order registries, the court-criminal history repository relationship, and implementation of the National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact. For additional information on the workshop series, see