SEARCH Offers New Training Course: Cell Phone Investigation


Students at a recent Cell Phone Investigation class held at SEARCH headquarters in Sacramento agreed that training in this area is desperately needed due to the huge number of cell phones involved in some aspect of crimes committed.
Cell phones are more common today than computers. Terrorist attacks, rapes, assaults, drug-growing operations, child exploitation, and many other crimes are captured on cell phone cameras and videos on a daily basis. To conduct a thorough investigation, data has to be retrieved from cell phones and properly analyzed. In response to a need in the law enforcement community to keep current with criminals who use the latest technology to commit crimes, SEARCH is offering a new course designed to offer investigators an understanding of the basics of cellular telephone investigation.

In Core Skills for the Investigation of Cellular Telephones, investigators work hands on with multiple cellular telephones and the various tools and data collection methodologies available. Course topics include:

  • Cell phone systems - Students learn what information is available from cell phone providers.
  • Tracking cell phones - Students learn how to track a cell phone in use by a suspect.
  • Cell phone seizure - Students learn what the risks are to retrieving data from the cell phone.
  • Tools to retrieve data - Students learn how to deal with cable issues regarding data retrieval.
  • Digital evidence recovery - Students work through step-by-step processes of recovering evidence from cell phones.
  • Legal issues surrounding cell phone seizures - Students learn how to retrieve information for presenting or determining evidence in a sound manner.

One of the primary missions of SEARCH is to provide High Technology Crime Investigation training to law enforcement officers nationwide. Check the SEARCH High Tech Crime web site for course eligibility details, course calendar, and fees.