SEARCH to Maintain Valuable Internet Services Provider List


SEARCH Training Services has accepted the responsibility to maintain and update an Internet Services Provider (ISP) list, which has been an essential resource for law enforcement investigators. The site and ISP list is for law enforcement use and contains a variety of ISPs and similar information services—specifically, contacts at the legal departments for law enforcement service of subpoena, court orders, and search warrants. The ISP list was originally maintained by Mr. James Nerlinger, Jr. at (visitors to this site are now directed to SEARCH's ISP list page).

“Our friends at SEARCH have agreed to take up the mantle on keeping this list current. They have the necessary resources and facilities to make the list everything I wanted and a whole lot more. So, I'm pleased to announce the list is now passed along to SEARCH. For the time being, I have redirected all traffic destined to the old site over to SEARCH's site. The list is now database-managed and it has a very friendly interface,” said Mr. Nerlinger.

To view the new site, go to The database is updated when changes are received. All updates are from law enforcement officers and investigators working in this field. SEARCH asks that updates, corrections, and additions be sent to in the same format as the entries are made.

“Mr. Nerlinger has aided thousands of law enforcement officers in their investigations through his efforts maintaining this list, and SEARCH will continue this tradition of assisting law enforcement by maintaining the list as a resource for law enforcement investigations,” said Mr. Todd Shipley, Director of SEARCH Training Services.