Longtime SEARCH At-Large Member Alfred Blumstein Selected for Prestigious International Criminology Award


Dr. Alfred Blumstein
SEARCH is pleased to announce that longtime Member Professor Alfred Blumstein has been selected to receive the 2007 Stockholm Prize in Criminology for his pioneering research into the development of criminal behavior. The award was announced October 26, 2006.

Under the aegis of the Swedish Ministry of Justice, the prestigious international award was established in 2005 in order to recognize achievements in the field of criminological research or in the practical implementation of research findings in order to combat crime and promote human rights.

He shares the award with University of London Professor Terrie E. Moffitt. They are being honored for their “longitudinal research, in which they have followed groups of individuals over long periods of time in order to uncover patterns relating to the onset, persistence, frequency and seriousness of criminal activity, as well as desistence from crime.” In particular, Dr. Blumstein is being recognized for his analyses of variations in the frequency of offending in the careers of active criminals in U.S. jurisdictions. According to prize officials, his research has had a “global impact on justice policies and practices, as well as on the rapid growth in the influence of developmental and life-course criminology.”

The prize winners were selected by an independent jury of 11 criminologists from Asia, Latin America, North America, Africa, Australia, and Europe. The jury is co-chaired by Professors Jerzy Sarnecki, University of Stockholm, and Lawrence Sherman, University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Blumstein is J. Erik Jonsson Professor of Urban Systems and Operations, H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie-Mellon University. He’s been an At-Large Member of SEARCH since July 10, 1991, and is a Member of SEARCH’s Board of Directors and Research and Statistics Program Advisory Committee, and served as a member of the National Task Force on the Criminal Record Backgrounding of America, which was convened in 2004-2005 by SEARCH and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice. Prior to his appointment as an At-Large Member, Dr. Blumstein served as Pennsylvania's Member to SEARCH for many years.

“SEARCH is fortunate to have had the benefit of Dr. Blumstein’s expertise over the past 15 years as our organization has addressed critical issues within the justice community. He certainly deserves this award for his brilliant research and dedication to the field of criminal justice,” said SEARCH Chair Mr. Francis X. Aumand III.

The prize will be awarded on June 5, 2007, during the Stockholm Criminology Symposium, which is held annually at Stockholm University.

Dr. Blumstein will share the prize of one million Swedish krona. For more on the Stockholm Prize in Criminology, see http://www.criminologyprize.com/.