SEARCH Facilitates "Webinar"


With many years of experience in both analyzing successful grant-funded initiatives, as well as interoperability technologies, SEARCH was tasked by the USDOJ COPS Office to provide training to the personnel responsible for evaluating this year's Interoperable Communications Technology Program (ICTP) grant applications.

On July 19, SEARCH facilitated an online training seminar using Microsoft's Live Meeting toolset. The training "webinar" focused on identifying the critical success factors of interoperability grant applications. Approximately 30 grant evaluators from across the United States attended the webinar directly from their desktops, with one participant joining the discussion from Europe.

"The training session was well received, with several participants commenting on the value of the content, and the ease of accessing the information directly from the Internet," said SEARCH Law Enforcement Technology Specialist Bill Romesburg. Mr. Romesburg facilitated the meeting along with Dan Hawkins, Director of SEARCH Public Safety Programs, and John Walker, SEARCH Law Enforcement Technology Specialist.