Training Center Remodel Complete


Remodeled training center
SEARCH worked quickly to get the new training center up and running during the holiday break. Some of the changes include:

  • Ergonomic desks, including an ADA-compliant desk for handicapped students. The new layout and better use of space resulted in room for several more students and improved visibility.

  • 22 new flat-panel monitors and all new computers with DVD and CD burners, USB and Fire Wire, which makes attaching other forensic devices easier.

"Our instructors are excited about teaching in the newly remodeled space, and using the upgraded equipment. The new classroom will provide a much better learning environment for our students. The new computers will enable SEARCH to provide more complex training in the area of computer forensics. The space design, including the new desks, allows each student a good view of the projection screen. The new desks also allow the student more room to take notes during the class." said Todd Shipley, Director of Systems Security and High-Tech Prevention Training.