SEARCH Presents JIEM® to Department of Defense


On March 16, 2005, SEARCH met with data architects and other technologists representing a number of areas in the Business Management Modernization Program of the Department of Defense (DoD), including logistics, human resource management, comptroller, installations and environment, financial management division, NII A&I, business management, and the CIO. The group discussed the Justice Information Exchange Model© Project (JIEM®) and how it could be adapted as a tool to support work in the Department of Defense. At this point, DoD has created an enterprise architecture, a data model, and a few other artifacts, but are now trying to figure out how to get from modeling to implementation.

"The one piece that seems to missing from their strategy is the identification of triggering events for information exchanges, which is a primary focus of JIEM®," said Larry Webster, SEARCH JIEM® Manager. "Their data model and "conditionals," or business rules, could be imported into JIEM® and used to document exchanges."

SEARCH is available to continue discussions about how the JIEM® Tool could help the Department of Defense as a solution to moving forward from modeling to implementation.