SEARCH Maintains Significant Involvement in Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative Activities


Illinois Member Colonel Ken Bouche
The Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative, an effort by the U.S. DOJ's Office of Justice Programs, is a consortium of key stakeholders and constituencies formed to advise the federal government, specifically through the U.S. Attorney General, on justice information sharing and integration.

Global's goal is to facilitate standards-based electronic information exchange throughout the justice and public safety communities. SEARCH has a significant involvement in Global, with a leadership presence on various Global committees and working groups, participation in recent high-profile activities and products, and sponsorship of several proposed activities.

"Members of Global come from across the justice community, volunteering their time because they believe in doing the right thing: putting aside turf issues and resolving data exchange barriers toward a common goal-getting the right information to the right people at the right time," said Col. Ken Bouche, Chair, Global Advisory Committee. "On a large scale, this helps protect America from threats to our national security…but as importantly, this means a better quality of life for all of us day to day: safer schools, safer neighborhoods, a fairer and more effective justice system."

See Global's Web site.

Global Committees and Working Groups
SEARCH Members and staff who serve on Global committees and working groups are:

  • Illinois Member Colonel Ken Bouche chairs the Global Advisory Committee (GAC), which advises DOJ in the ongoing pursuit of interjurisdictional and multidisciplinary justice information sharing. The GAC acts as the focal point for justice information-sharing activities and includes representatives from local, state, tribal, federal and international agencies.

  • Colonel Bouche, along with SEARCH Deputy Executive Director Kelly Harris, serve on the Global Intelligence Working Group (GIWG). Its goals include seamless sharing of intelligence information between systems, allowing for access to information throughout the law enforcement and public safety communities, creating an intelligence sharing plan, determining standards for intelligence sharing, developing model policies, determining training needs, and creating an outreach effort to inform law enforcement of the result of this effort.

  • SEARCH Director of Systems and Technology Mike Stein serves on the Global Infrastructure/Standards Working Group (GISWG). Successful data exchange is greatly facilitated by the development and adoption of standards that enable transparent integration of disparate systems. The GISWG is implementing a coordination process to identify information sharing standards within the justice community. This effort includes publishing, cataloging and sharing these standards to promote collaborative efforts and offer blueprints to those beginning the information exchange planning process.

  • SEARCH Executive Director Ron Hawley has been invited to chair a new Policy and Management Subcommittee, which will provide policy direction for the technical infrastructure approach of the GISWG.

  • Another offshoot of the GISWG is the Global XML Structure Task Force (GXSTF), which supports the development of the Global Justice XML Data Model (see related article) by identifying data requirements, exploring XML concepts, and applying XML best practices to the design and implementation of the data model. SEARCH's Catherine Plummer, Justice Information Systems Specialist, is a member of this task force.

  • SEARCH Law and Policy Director Owen Greenspan is a member of the Global Privacy and Information Quality Working Group (GPIQWG), which assists government agencies, institutions and other justice entities in ensuring that personal information is appropriately collected, used and disseminated within integrated justice information systems.

  • SEARCH Computer Training Specialist Fred Cotton serves on the Global Security Working Group (GSWG). The GSWG pursues security measures necessary for today's enhanced information sharing abilities.

Proposed Global-Related Projects
At the specific request of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, U.S. DOJ, SEARCH recently has submitted several Global-related proposals.

  • The Global Privacy and Information Quality Working Group recently developed and released a Privacy Policy Development Guide for state and local justice agencies that provides guidelines for developing privacy policies for integrated justice information-sharing systems. In its proposal, SEARCH would provide assistance to state and local justice agencies in designing and implementing successful privacy policies.

  • SEARCH is also proposing to plan and execute regional information sharing meetings of the Global Training and Technical Assistance Committee (GTTAC). The GTTAC's role is to coordinate the work of national service providers in providing training and technical assistance on issues related to implementation of the Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM).