SEARCH Receives Major Software Donations


ManTech Information Systems and Technology
ManTech Information Systems and Technology, a leading provider of innovative technologies and solutions focused on mission-critical national security programs for the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, the Department of State, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and other U.S. federal government customers, has donated 40 licensed copies of its NetWitness Network Forensics Analysis Software to SEARCH's National Criminal Justice Computer Laboratory and Training Center. This generous donation is valued at $1 million.

ManTech donated the software in "recognition of the contribution the Center is making in the advancement of cyber forensics training for law enforcement." SEARCH will provide the software licenses to its students-state and local law enforcement personnel-who will use the software to simulate a field environment and test their ability to trace Internet protocols and connections to individual computers.

"NetWitness provides the best presentation of network data I've seen," said Fred Cotton, computer training specialist at SEARCH. "Looking at raw network data can be quite intimidating to law enforcement professionals. The clarity that NetWitness offers them will lead to a better understanding of the traffic."

"Officers new to cyber forensics investigations and dealing with electronic evidence will benefit from training with NetWitness," said Mr. Robert A. Coleman, President and Chief Operating Officer, ManTech International Corp. "SEARCH training courses are designed to teach high-tech investigators the skills they need to stay ahead of criminals who are increasingly turning to the Internet, and NetWitness is one of the most robust and easy-to-use network analysis tools on the market."

NetWitness gives law enforcement, government agencies or any other organization the ability to quickly investigate and prosecute Internet crimes. It forensically collects and analyzes data so that network events-such as emails, instant messaging, audio, etc.-can be easily reviewed.

Astaro Corporation
Astaro Corporation, a developer and of high-quality integrated network security solutions, has donated 25 licenses of its Astaro Security Linux software to the SEARCH. Training Center for use in its Enterprise Security and Vulnerability course. Astaro Security Linux is a gateway security product that provides six integrated security applications, (firewall, VPN gateway, anti-virus, intrusion protection, spam filtering and content filtering). Mr. Jon Friedman, Vice President of Marketing, has been the SEARCH liaison on this project. This enterprise edition will support multiple users. "The students will learn to protect a network from outside attack, how to configure a firewall, and gives them a great tool that is a commercial-level firewall. It's a great advantage for our students to be able to have this software. We very much appreciate Astaro's support," said Fred Cotton, Computer Training Specialist at SEARCH. Astaro also offered Mr. Cotton the opportunity to take the Astaro Certified Engineer Training Course, which includes training on installation, intrusion protection, virtual private networks, system management, etc., and provided SEARCH with the software for internal use as well.