Recent Governor Appointments to SEARCH


Maj. Robert Wideman

Maj. Joseph R. Miech
SEARCH welcomes the following recent Governor Appointments:

Kansas: Mr. Kirk Thompson, Assistant Director, Kansas Bureau of Investigation, was appointed December 17.

Montana: Mr. Steve Tesinsky, Administrator, Information Technology Services Division, Montana Department of Justice, was appointed October 18.

Nevada: Major Robert Wideman, Manager, Records & Technology Division, Nevada Department of Public Safety, was appointed November 16.

New Jersey: Captain Marshall Brown, Executive Officer, Identification and Information Technology Section, was appointed December 17.

North Carolina: Mr. Larry W. Smith, Assistant Director, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, was appointed July 27.

Rhode Island: Major Joseph R. Miech, Administrative Services Division, Rhode Island State Police, was appointed November 30.

Washington: Captain Paul S. Beckley, Deputy Chief, Technical Services Bureau, Washington State Patrol, was appointed August 9.