February 2017

Date Event Location  
Feb 10, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST On-Scene Digital Evidence: Considerations for First Responders
Digital evidence comes in many shapes and sizes with some of them being stable and others being temporary. This webinar will illustrate the various types of digital evidence devices and how to create a pre-search plan on how to handle the evidence once on scene. This webinar concentrates on the seizure of digital evidence, not the analysis of it. Therefore this information will be of value for all law enforcement staff that may come into contact with digital evidence
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Feb 14-17, 2017 Computer Forensics for Prosecutors Cook County Child
Advocacy Center
Chicago, IL
This course is by invitation only
Feb 21, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST IP Tracing – How to Track and Recover a Stolen Sony PlayStation Gaming Console
The Sony PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming systems in today’s market. Accordingly, they are popular targets of theft. This webinar will illustrate the process required to identify the stolen device and track its use on the internet, back to its current physical location. Topics will include identifying the IP address used by the device, identifying the Internet Service Provider that owns the IP address and tracing the IP address back to a physical location.
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Feb 23, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST Case Law Update: Authenticating Digital Evidence and Evidence From Cyberspace
With the passage of the amendment to Federal Rule of Evidence 902(14) the process of authenticating digital evidence recovered through digital identification changes substantially. This presentation will explain the new change and the implications for using it. The role of expert witnesses for the forensic examination of digital evidence will also be discussed. Current case law regarding authenticating different type of digital evidence will also be highlighted during the presentation.
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Feb 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST Google Advanced Boolean Operators: Searching Smarter and Faster
Google is a powerful search tool, but a user often has to wade through the unusable data to find the usable pieces. This webinar will show participants how to construct a specific, targeted keyword search using Boolean operators to filter the way keywords are pulling information. Google advanced operators will also be used to filter what types of data are being searched.
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Feb 28 – Mar 2, 2017 Online Investigations: Tools, Tips and Techniques Rocky Mountain
Information Network
Phoenix, AZ
This course is by invitation only

March 2017

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Mar 6, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST Twitter Advanced Search Options and Geocode Searching: Finding Evidence in Plain Sight
Twitter has quickly become the go-to medium for today’s instant communication, proven by the fact that there are 5000 tweets per second. Twitter searching will be introduced to allow searching for Twitter profiles, tweet keywords and hashtags, and even searching for tweets from a particular latitude and longitude. These Twitter searching techniques will include both standard and hidden Boolean operators, ensuring that investigators have access to the best possible evidence.
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Mar 10, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST Recovering from Google Dashboard, My Activity and Timeline
Everyone with a Google account has access to a robust history of information through Google Dashboard, My Activity, and Google Takeout. Google Dashboard shows information such as search history, location history, payments profile, and if the user has an Android phone you can even see what apps and installed and track the phone’s location live. My Activity will show all of the Google Account information in a chronological order. Google Takeout allows a Google Account user to download a copy of their Google data. While most of this history and tracking information can be disabled or deleted, much of it is on by default and users are not aware to go delete it. This makes Google Dashboard, My Activity, and Google Takeout a powerful tool for law enforcement if they can convince a suspect to hand over the login credentials to their Google Accounts on consent.
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Mar 14, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST Cloud Based Search and Seizure: Will Anticipatory Search Warrants Work
This presentation will discuss the use of mobile extraction devices to access data stored on remote servers. The role of extraterritorial searches will be discussed. Implications of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act as well as State limitations on search and seizure will be discussed during the session.
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Mar 14-16, 2017 Core Skills for the Investigation of Mobile Devices Sacramento Valley High-Tech
Crimes Task Force
Sacramento, CA
This course is by invitation only
Mar 21-23, 2017 Online Investigations: Tools, Tips and Techniques TBD  
Mar 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM PST Obtaining a Forensic Image of a Microsoft Surface Pro
The popularity of portable computing devices, tablet computers, is quickly replacing conventional computer systems and even notebook computers. The Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the most popular of the tablet devices because it runs the same operating system and programs used on conventional computers. Taking control of a tablet computer to obtain a forensic image requires preparation and additional software and equipment. This webinar will introduce the utilization of WinFE as a forensic platform to obtain a forensic image of a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.
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Mar 27-30, 2017 33rd International Symposium on Child Abuse Huntsville, AL Learn More

April 2017

Date Event Location  
Apr 11-14, 2017 Clackamas Child and Family Violence Summit Portland, OR Learn More
Apr 11-12, 2017 25th Annual Children’s Justice Conference Bellvue, WA Learn More
Apr 24-26, 2017 2017 National Cybercrime Conference Norwood, MA Learn More

May 2017

Date Event Location  
May 9-11, 2017 Online Investigations: Tools, Tips and Techniques TBD  
May 22-25, 2017 Conference on Crimes Against Women Dallas, TX Learn More

June 2017

Date Event Location  
Jun 4-7, 2017 2017 National Children’s Alliance Leadership Conference Washington, D.C. Learn More
Jun 6-8, 2017 National Law Enforcement Training on Child Exploitation Atlanta, GA Learn More
Jun 20-22, 2017 Peer-to-Peer Investigations TBD  

July 2017

Date Event Location  
Jul 11-13, 2017 Peer-to-Peer Investigations TBD  

August 2017

Date Event Location  
Aug 7-10, 2017 29th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference Dallas, TX Learn More
Aug 22-24, 2017 Windows Forensic Environment for On-Scene Triage

September 2017

Date Event Location  
Sep 12-14, 2017 Peer-to-Peer Investigations TBD  

November 2017

Date Event Location  
Nov 14-16, 2017 Online Investigations: Tools, Tips and Techniques TBD  
Nov 28-30, 2017 Core Skills for the Investigation of Mobile Devices TBD  

December 2017

Date Event Location  
Dec 5-7, 2017 Online Investigations: Tools, Tips and Techniques TBD  

The initiative is designed to develop, disseminate, and support enterprise-wide information exchange standards and processes that can enable jurisdictions to effectively share critical information in emergency situations, as well as support the day-to-day operations of agencies throughout the nation. It enables mission partners to share information irrespective of the technology products and /or solutions they use.

According to the website, NIEM offers a consistent starting point—which includes a data model, governance, training, tools, technical support services, and an active community—that assists users in adopting a standards-based approach to exchanging data. NIEM provides quick access to accurate, complete, and actionable information.